Posted on: June 30, 2009 11:51 am

Yankees Acquire Hinske

The New York Yankees acquired OF Eric Hinske from the Pirates for 2 minor league players OF Eric Fryer and P Casey Erickson.

I don't see the use in this as Hinske is batting .255 with just 18 R, 11 RBI, 9 2B and 1 HR over 54 games

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Posted on: March 24, 2009 12:17 pm

Swisher or Nady?

It seems like the Yankees have already decided that Xavier Nady because of last years performance is the leading candidate for the RF spot this season. I have to disagree and I personally think that Nick Swisher should be in RF on Opening Day.  Both players are hitting in the around .250 so for this Spring Training and where Nady has more power hitting numbers, Swisher is showing a good eye and patience at the plate with 8 walks opposed to 0 from Nady.  Swisher also has more RBIs and a higher hit per at bat ratio mostly due to the fact he is getting those walks.  Those are just the facts by the numbers.

My reasons out of the record books are first why should the Yankees showcase a player like Nady that is going to leave the team at the end of the season as a Boras client and possibly bump up his salary for another team for next season?  Swisher could be on the Yankees for 3 years at this point.  Why not showcase his abilities and try to gain a little market value on a player that right now doesn't have much and maybe you can trade him away for prospects or someone that can be useful in the long run to fill in gaps.  With Austin Jackson and Brett Gardner we are set for the OF with internal candidates and even the thoughts that the Yankees will make a push for Matt Holliday and so Swisher becomes even more useless on the team.  Also he has a fire and energy that in many interviews and articles about the Yankees in the pre-season they all admit he livens up the group and relaxes the clubhouse.  You don't hear about Nady cheering anyone up or even hear about him interacting with teammates.  It seems small but maybe someone like Swisher in the clubhouse this season feeling good about playing and putting up decent numbers might just help in the long run

Just my $0.02 with some figures and some non-tangable reasons why I pick Swisher over Nady. 


Posted on: March 21, 2009 11:52 pm

Predicting next years FA market already????


 It really is crazy how I am already reading posts about next years free agent market.  There hasn't even been one regular season game and teams are already commenting on who they will or won't re-sign and what teams might sign them.  Specifically they are already talking about Manny Ramirez.  Holy crap the guy just signed after being a tease all off season and then "caring" so much about the Dodgers that he missed a month of Spring Training.  Ya, because that is what he needs to miss a workout.  Now it looks like he is injured.  Nothing huge but ya proves my point.  I did see about Matt Holliday and I have been a huge supporter when push comes to shove about the Yankees making a push for him.  They could use him in the outfield and he would have a great ballpark to hit in the Bronx.  Ok well first blog post is down and now I can check one more thing off the bucket list.



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